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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>darya: today is the first day back to work for a lot of people. it is tough to get there in this fall. >>erica: the fog it's particularly dense into the north bay. take a look at the heart of the bay area. the red = less than a quarter mile of a visibility. potentially hazardous driving conditions. even the inland valleys are affected. the green indicates between 2-5 mi. of visibility. back faugh upper '40's along the peninsula and into the south, low forties for lowe's carter's and san
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jose. by 9:00 a.m. we will continue to see a mixture of all forties and fifties. green on the screen by 1:00 p.m. indicating 60s not only for the north if the into the south bay and inland valleys as well. we do anticipate sunshine at high clouds.
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>>george: on the bay bridge the volume is building out westbound.
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>>george: a fogged advisory in place on the venetian bridge. we have noticed slow traffic already. we are going to be returning to something of a commute. the 580 ride has heavy traffic coming out of the of the month and headed down toward livermore. the south face still looks like a good ride. the delays or problems for 85 or 101 into northbound direction. the north bay right still looks good. >>darya: do you think it is a real cut the day today? >>george: yes. more people are back to work today. it is not an official holiday like to yesterday.
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>>darya: jackie sissel is on the bay bridge. we also have the approach to the bay bridge. >>jackie: there is the tunnel right there. the fog has let up fail little bit. there is a fog advisory on the bay bridge. at one point it was a couple of hundred feet at best. it is foggy,
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but the fall leaves a lot of condensation and leaves it slippery. this is the last place you want to be speeding. >> perfect execution but the cake is no good! it was hooked to the left. that one is no bed! >>james: that is what it came down to, the cardinals had two different chances to win last night, both sailed wide to the left. stanford and oklahoma trading touchdowns throughout the night.
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>>james: the 49ers playoff tickets go on sale this morning. there will not be that many to choose from. the team says many of the tickets were purchased by season-ticket holders yesterday. whatever is available will be available at 10:00 a.m.. this is the first time the 49ers have been in the playoffs in nine years. pg&e will be
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installing new equipment at candlestick park to make sure the lights did not go out like they did during the last home game. >>darya: it was the lights out last night in pacifica. one of our viewers to this video of a transformer explosion. it happened in front of this house on matters drive. 10 minutes before the line snapped, it fell on to the neighbor's lawn and started a fire in. >>james: we will take a quick break it when we come back, the latest on all those fires that were started in southern california. here is a live look outside of the james lick freeway.
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>>erica: we are taking a lunch at the dense fog around the bay area. pockets of dense fog not only here but entire stretches of 101. everyone will be sitting in the '60s with partly cloudy conditions into the overnight hours. as we check out fog tracker 4 i will show you exactly where the dense fog is. that is coming up in my next report. about the man accused of setting all of those fires in southern california. there have been a string of fires. los angeles authorities now have harry burkhart in custody. he is a german national and believed
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to be the one responsible for the 53 blazes set over the last week. the fires start in cars and then it spread to structures and vehicles. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. we will be right back. the
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>>james: the big headline is the fog. everyone is dealing with it this morning including passengers and travelers at sfo. that is where yoli aceves is standing by this morning. we
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did not see any delays earlier. how about now? >>yoli: everything still seems to be on time. we are really looking towards the 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. hours. yesterday they have problems with flights coming from san diego. there is a dense fog advisory again today. so far everything looked good. >>yoli: the fog is moving around a little bit but there are some moments where it is dense eddie you can barely make out the letters
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on the airplane. >>erica: the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory that is affecting the san francisco bay shoreline and the north bay valleys. we have some areas of dense fog this morning. visibility is down
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to a quarter of a mile and less in some spots. here is a look at where the fog is and your visibility. take a look at sfo. at last at they were below a tug of mobile. it's the fog is not going anywhere anytime soon. a good mixture of forties and fifties around the bay area. future cast 4 does show by the 9:00 a.m. hour we will continue to see the baby on the screen. that indicates upper forties in the north bay area. warmer all along the coastline. as we advanced the clock, we start to see green filling in indicating '60s around the bay. here is a breakdown of the numbers neighborhood
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by neighborhood. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows a lot of 60s as we head into the afternoon. plenty of sunshine said next several days. a pretty mild weather pattern as we headed to the next couple of days. >>george: there is a backup of the bay bridge toll plaza. we have more cars of the road today. traffic is starting to slow from about the middle of the east parking lot. we still have a fogged advisory in place.
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let's take a look at the san mateo bridge right. we have a fogged advisory in place. most of the bay area bridges are under fog advisers. that could compound the problem for the drive. we could see increased traffic loads. your ride to the golden gate bridge, also a fog the advisory this morning for the trip through marin county. let's get a check on the east bay fog advisory's. there is not much in a way of slow traffic in the south bay. we are picking up a little bit of slowing approaching 85 on 280. the peninsula ride has been pretty good so far. we have not yet seen any delays at the interchange. the north bay ride still looks
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good for southbound 101 from novato all the way down to central satyr fell and continuing to the golden gate bridge. remember in the north bay, dense fog as well. >>darya: with the fog being so thick in places, we're bored to be watching out for that. >>will: here i am approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the sign above me. it is a little bit fuzzy. here i am on the incline headed into san francisco. this seems to be the fog is placed along the bay bridge. the fog seems to be creeping in like some kind of creature going across the screen. of course i have seen a five-year days, but even with this amount of fog, it is quite dangerous. visibility is cut down quite a bit. even though the bay bridge is fine, it could potentially become a hot spot.
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>>james: the first contest of the presidential race is just hours away. the iowa caucuses are set for tonight. the presidential candidates have made their final push for voters. the herd from the iowa republican chairman said it is not typical. >> this level of liquidity shows how serious republicans take responsibility for replacing president obama.
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>>darya: you can see all these cars stranded in indianapolis.
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>>darya: a similar scene in pennsylvania. they had a massive pileup. look at all the ambulances, cars and trucks involved. 20 vehicles including big rigs. 17 people had to go to the hospital. >>james: when we come back, the opening bell on wall street. we have some strong indications oversees the we will have a strong start. everyone is positive. asian
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and european stocks are positive as well.
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>>james: there it is. the opening bell on wall street. trading will get under way. there is a lot of positive momentum looking at the overseas market serious a lot of strong upward sentiment coming into wall street. we will see what happens once the numbers start rolling in. >>darya: the big story is the fog. it's really rolling in. widespread fog. >> pockets of dense fog. visibility is down to a quarter mile or less. everyone is affected and would get up to fog this
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morning. the gray indicates between two and 5 mi. of visibility. the fog is the big story this morning. the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisor for the san francisco bay shoreline. in the meantime, take a look at the temperatures. a mixture of forties and fifties. a mixture of forties in the north bay as well. as we focus on the afternoon highs we have pretty much everyone sitting in the '60s. the
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satellites and radar shows clear conditions over the bay area. we do have a lot of cloud cover headed our way. we can expect some cloudy conditions and breaks in sunshine for the next couple days. for the weekend, plenty of sunshine in store. >>james: we will continue team covered by heading outside. jackie sissel is at the bay bridge keeping an eye of the fog. >>jackie: good morning. things have actually gotten a little bit better over the last hour. visibility is now
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at about a quarter of four model. there is a fogged by israel the bridge. if you are coming through this area, be aware of the fall. the road is extremely slight. obviously that is the last place they want to be speeding. >>james: let's hand things over to georgia the traffic department. >>george: there was also a problem where jackie was positions, a stalled big rig was pushed off on to this cramped. traffic was backed
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up onto the cantilever section of the bridge. traffic was backed up at the toll plaza. there ramp has just been cleared. that was the reason why we have this backup of the bay bridge. we are slow from the end of the east parking lot. so far it is not a bad commute. the drive time is 12-14 minutes. your ride to the
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south bay is still is with commute. north bay traffic is still a problem free for 101 southbound. >>darya: we are continuing team coverage of the fog. >>will: here is traffic on southbound 101. look at the thick cloud cover on top of the freeway. i am going
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about 62 mi. per hour. keep in mind, getting around could be a little slower than usual. >>darya: andrew love is preparing for the nfl draft with a career ending defeat. that was a tough one. cardinals and oklahoma traded touchdowns that stanford missed critical field goals. that allowed the cowboys to win the fiesta bowl. law will still be the no. 1 draft pick in the nfl. he will leave stanford as the school's career leader in everything. practically every passing category. is gpa was eighth reported
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five. >>darya: 49 plan of tickets go on sale tomorrow, but there are not many left. we're learning more this morning about the man accused of setting dozens of fires in southern california. authorities in los angeles have named their suspect. he is 24 years old and a german national. they think he is the one that has been setting these fires over the last week. 53 blazes. most of them started in vehicles and then set to
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structures causing $2 million in damage. >>james: here is another a live look outside, a different perspective. we're back with more in a moment.
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>>james: headlines around the area this morning, there was a memorial for the local boy gunned down in oakland. gabriel martinez jr. was with his family at atop a truck on international boulevard. the suspect ordered food and simply began shooting. people at the vigil say they are disgusted with the violence in east oakland. >> this is the third baby in four months. it really
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hurts. i cannot believe a coward would do something like this. >> that little boy was as old as our youngest goddaughter. god bless this family. >>james: there is the father of a little boy at the vigil last night. in $25,000 reward has been offered in the case. at this point, there have been no arrests made. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of moments to get you going of this wednesday morning. here is a shot of the golden gate bridge. it is really foggy. a lot of traffic. this
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>>james: we are following the latest out at sfo. yoli
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aceves has been keeping her eyes on all of the airports. >>yoli: the fog is thickening up. fat is what has been happening out there to regardless of what the fog is doing, the flights are on time. we are waiting to hear about any delays or cancellations. there was some thick flock reported down in san diego.
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>>mark: will will see what happens when the flights arrive. >>erica: we are taking a look above the fog. he conceal layer of heavy cloud cover. the fog is spilling
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into are around the peninsula and down into the south pathway. right now, temperatures are not too bad. take a look at places like nevada. normally at freezing. we are at 40 degrees, 46 for half moon bay. by the 9:00 a.m. hour will see a good mixture of forties and fifties around the bay area. we will see green in the north bay and places like fremont and livermore. it looks like mountain view and los gatos could be some of the warmer spots. in the north bay we
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will see a hazy sunshine. the kron47 day around the bay forecast shows 60s across the board with cloudy conditions over the next couple of days. a lot of sunshine bay area why would temperatures flirted with 70 degrees. >>george: even with bob advisories, we have not had any hot spots this morning. if we did have a stall on the debris if that was cleared fairly quickly and the backup has not grown. it is getting better at the 80 approach. today's backup only reaches as far back as the 80 over crossing. the drive time is 12-14 minutes. this is the first backup we have seen on the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. on the
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san mateo bridge we're still under a fog advisory. the changeable message signs are still active. we have a fogged advisory for the golden gate bridge in continuing our bridge check we will talk about fog advisories on two other bridges as well. for the first time in a few days, slower traffic heading west from tunnel to san of love. we're starting to pick up a little bit of slowing pastille top drive. on 580 westbound, some slow traffic through livermore on the right chords --. in the south bay, in a little bit of congestion on 101. in the mid peninsula, there are still no delays.
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>>james: 2011 was a violent year for the city of a vallejo. the most recent death was this person here. the city has received state and federal funding in hopes of stepping up law enforcement. >>darya: bobby mitchell was found inside of the home and could not be revived. a family dog also died in the fire. mitchell's husband was at work when the fire broke out. >>james: on to politics in the decision to thousand 12. once every four years, the iowa caucuses. the midwest states is thrust into the spotlight for the first test of the campaign season.
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>> we are just hours away from the first votes to be cast. what happens tonight and i'll is really anyone's guess. after spending months traversing the state, the republican presidential candidates are ready for the iowa caucuses. mitt romney is not taking his spot at the top of the polls for granted. he is still fighting and taking aim at his number one target, president obama. >> i have not seen such a vague gap between promises and performances in a long time. >> mitt romney and ron paul are trying to shake a last- minute surge from rick santorum. >> all the other candidates talk about what they're going to do. if i have their
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record i would be talking about what i was going to do, but i do not have their record. >> we may poll of one of the great upsets in the iowa caucuses. i want you to take that attitude did the next 24 hours. fiske costs >> noticeably absent itself is jon huntsman. he is choosing instead to focus on next week's primary if he observed. >> after being on the ground in iowa for the last couple of months, a vast majority of the candidates are taking this stage very seriously.
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the costs in >>james: subzero temperatures have hit parts of china. freezing conditions could last for several days. accompanied by a dense fog. they are bringing not only new year's celebrations but traffic has been brought to a halt. we will be watching their weather and our weather. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at our weather around the bay area which is foggy. we are in for warm
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temperatures to continue for the next week of the new year. we will be right back.
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